Symbols, Rituals, and Archetypes
Speaking the Language of the Deep Unconscious Mind

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD in conversation with Michael Lerner of the New School at Commonweal

Saturday, June 15, 2013. Recorded at the New School at Commonweal

In dialogue with Michael Lerner of the New School at Commonweal. The affective domain is the learning domain concerned with values, calling, and meaning, and is the basis of authentic community and sustained action and commitment. Affective domain learning is known to be difficult to accomplish within the conventional education model and requires educational strategies and approaches that reach beyond the cognitive and technical boundaries of conventional curricula. Although the affective domain is widely recognized as the foundation of direction, purpose, and deep satisfaction in work and in life—as well as the basis of spiritual hardiness in meeting with obstacles, difficulties, and stress—traditional models of education are not designed to accomplish such learning.

Join Rachel in a conversation about education and community building from the perspective of the affective domain.