Something that you do not know about me? Every stitch of clothing I have on this minute was originally bought and worn by someone else. My cashmere sweater, my
Roberto Cavalli jeans and even my Dolce and Gabanna flats started life in someone else’s closet. As I sit here typing, women all over the world are out there shopping for my wardrobe in countries and boutiques I could not possibly visit, paying prices far beyond my budget. It’s been that way for years. Take for example one of my suits. I bought it at the Mount Carmel Thrift Store in Mill Valley. It is made by a fine Italian designer and the woman who first wore it paid more then $2,000 for it. I paid $17 dollars and 35 cents.

There is something about attending a high society fundraiser as the guest of honor or giving the opening keynote at a national professional meeting wearing $17.35 worth of clothing that gives me sense of satisfaction. It also gives me a sense of deep connection.

It helps me to remember that I have created not only a wardrobe of value but a life of value out of the hand-me-downs of other women: women who paid full price to have for themselves things of value. The right to inherit money or own property personally, the right to vote, the right to practice family planning, the right to study medicine or law, or enter politics or business, or write a book under their real names. These women handed down to me my daily freedoms and opportunities, the things I get to wear out into the world every day. Every time any woman is able to stand tall and live large, every woman who has handed down to them their way of life is there with them. We are connected. We are not alone…….

With love,

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