The information below was provided to us by the company who hosts our Teleconferences. If you discover at any time that one of the methods below does not work or is problematic, please let us know by filling out this form.

If you are calling in from outside the US, please READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY! Otherwise, you won’t succeed in joining the call, or you might accidentally spend a lot of money unnecessarily!

There are FOUR ways of calling in to join the conversation. All of them require you to CALL THE EVENT (using phone or VoIP), and the use of your PIN. One of the best ways (and our recommendation) is MCDIALER — Option 3 below. It requires downloading a software application compatible with PC and Mac.

Option 1: Use the assigned phone number

You can call in by phone. You can use the assigned phone number that is given to you when you register. If you live outside of the United States, and you call the assigned number directly, you will be charged an international calling rate.

Option 2: Use special FREE international phone numbers

You can call for FREE by phone for the countries below. If you are calling from any of the following countries listed below, you may call in for FREE using the numbers listed: LOCAL TOLL CHARGES APPLY. Use these numbers instead of the assigned number.

Austria: +43 04 000 1505
Belgium: +32 7 035 4807
Canada: (647) 931-1700
France: +33 8 21 61 05 86
Germany: +49 1803 002 073
Poland: +48 80 100 3524
South Africa: +27 87 550 0677
Spain: +34 902 881 203
Switzerland: +41 84 820 7427
UK: +44 844 4733032
# Holland: 0870 001 980 (see the note below)
# Ireland: 0818 270 066 (see the note below)
# Italy: 848 391 844 (see the note below)
# Sweden: 0939 2066 500 (see the note below)
* Australia: +61 28 011 4954 (see the Skype note below)
* Chile: +56 2570 9889 (see the Skype note below)
* Denmark: +45 3693 4670 (see the Skype note below)
* Finland: +358 92 316 4593 (see the Skype note below)
* Hong Kong: +852 8199 0473 (see the Skype note below)
* Hungary: +36 21 252 3870 (see the Skype note below)
* Mexico: +52 558 421 4214 (see the Skype note below)
* Sweden: +46 85 016 4384 (see the Skype note below)
* UK: +44 207 1931545 (see the Skype note below)
# This number can be called only from within this country.
* These dial-in numbers are provided by Skype. The reliability is lower than our other numbers, and there is a capacity limitation of 25 callers total across all of these numbers.

**A complete list of your calling methods and international numbers is available at

Option 3: Use MCDIALER (our recommendation)

You can call in for FREE using the MCDIALER. You can download the free software that will allow you to connect directly to MaestroConference.

Simply go to , download and install the program and just use your pin when it’s time to join the call. You MUST read the instructions carefully to get it to work.

**You should install and test MCDialer BEFORE the call by connecting and using the test Pin 444666. If you get sent to a room and hear music, you know it will work for the actual event, when it is time. When your conference is set to start, use the Pin that was originally assigned to you.

Option 4: Use Skype

You can call in for FREE using Skype. First, you need to add to your contacts one of these two Skype names: Maestro4294 or MCDirect1.

Please make sure you add the Skype contact EARLY to your contacts to make sure you are connected. When you are ready to call in, click on CALL PHONE (not Video Call).

To input your PIN, you need to left click with your mouse on the “Call” button on the dashboard at the top of your Skype screen (not the green button under the contact) and scroll down and click on “Show Dial Pad”.

**If you are not able to get in, it could be because the Skype lines are overloaded. In that case, please try one of the other ways to call in.