Finding Your Resilience: Reclaiming Mystery and Meaning in Hospice Work

With Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

Course Dates: Friday October 21 to Sunday October 23, 2016

Rachel Naomi Remen smiling

Often science defines life in ways that are too small. Things happen daily that science cannot measure or even explain. The essential nature of life cannot be quantified or understood but only witnessed and experienced. These experiences have the power to touch us, inspire us, strengthen us and awaken us. They are also a powerful form of self-care. Frequently they enable us to recognize a deeper meaning in our daily work and enable the work itself to renew us. Yet these holy moments are rarely discussed and shared among professional colleagues.

Hospice is a front row seat on Mystery and Meaning. Through small group discussion, experiential exercises, narrative, reflections, symbols, poetry and journal writing Dr. Remen will enable us to find and share our stories of Mystery and Meaning, reclaim a greater sense of wonder in our work, and recommit to our calling to meet people at the very edge of life and celebrate the Unknown.

Come prepared to explore the deep meaning of your work as a hospice professional and reclaim a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to do this work together.



Living on Purpose: The Personal Discovery of Meaning, Calling, and Connection

With Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

Course Dates: Friday June 17 – Sunday June 19, 2016


Every life matters. Each one of us has a unique purpose, an inner compass that can guide us throughout our lives. Often we follow it unaware or not at all. Few of us can easily recognize our purpose and make the deliberate choices that enable us to express it. Yet our deepest satisfaction and happiness in life may rest on our learning to do exactly this.

Through experiential exercises, reflections, small group discussions, symbolic work, poetry, storytelling, journal writing and imagery, Rachel will lead you in an exploration of your soul’s lifelong values, and enable you to recognize the unseen thread that you have followed all of your life so that you can follow it on purpose. Come and learn to live closer to what really matters to you, and rediscover the road that will lead you back to your life
purpose and your heart.