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Keeping a Heart Journal: It Works

The voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new vistas but in having new eyes.
— Proust
Most of us live far more meaningful lives than we know. Meaning is a function of the heart, an organ of vision that allows us to see below the surface of things. Our training does not encourage us to bring our hearts into our examining rooms or to explore the deep river of meaning that is the undercurrent of our work as physicians. Our habitual way of seeing things and even our expertise can blind us to the meaning of even the simplest of our daily interactions and relationships. Meaning is the antecedent of enduring satisfaction and fulfillment in our work. This simple little journal may be all that it takes to give us fresh eyes.

Keeping a Heart Journal draws on the wise work of Angeles Arrien, author of The Fourfold Way. This exercise requires a notebook to […]

January 11th, 2013|2 Comments

Writing Exercises for Self Care

There are fewer better ways of renewing yourself than writing. Taking just a brief time to reflect and write may offer you new eyes. The simple act of putting words to paper can free us from our habitual or constricted way of seeing the world around us and open up possibilities for untold satisfactions, creative exuberance and healing. Here is a brief writing exercises for you to do just for yourself. Who knows…it may turn out that finding more satisfaction in your work may be less about doing things differently than it is about seeing familiar things in new ways.

A Poem a Day
Have you ever thought about what your day – and life – would be like if you just took ten minutes to write a poem before breakfast? Not something forced but just gathering up thoughts and feelings that are fresh and newborn and come from a deeper place.

When you […]

January 10th, 2013|1 Comment

Remembering the Heart: A 90 Second Heart Yoga

The mind body connection is actually a two way street. Not only does the mind influence physiology, but the body can have a powerful influence on our feelings, our attitudes, and our mental and emotional life experience. The body/mind connection is the basis of many forms of yoga – ancient disciplines that recognize that placing your body in certain positions or moving in a certain way can alter consciousness.
Click on the play button below to learn a 90 second yoga that can help to open the heart. It is based on the hand movements of American Sign Language, but involves movement of the whole body. Take a moment to learn the movements from this short video podcast and use this exercise whenever you feel you’ve become constricted and small. It’s a quick and powerful way to lower stress and remember yourself. You might try doing this several times a day between […]

January 10th, 2013|3 Comments