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Rachel and Healer’s Art in New York Times

This was the first article, published online in the New York Times on September 18, 2013 and quickly gained attention. A week and a half later it had 271 comments and was being widely shared from the New York Times site.
“Medicine’s Search for Meaning” by David Bornstein

The response to the OpEd piece the New York Times published about THE HEALER’S ART was so overwhelming that the NYT published another Op Ed piece October 2, 2013! Here is the link:

“Who Will Heal the Doctors?” by David Bornstein”


Write in to the NYT (at the bottom of the article) and share your thoughts.



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Grandfather’s Blessings (Guest Post)

Guest Author Amy Jaret
Amy wrote this blog post about My Grandfather’s Blessings and mentioned it while signing Rachel’s online guestbook. Rachel liked it so much that here it is for you all to enjoy. Or you can read it on her blog here.

There are some books I know – before I even finish reading the Introduction – that I have to own. It’s less about the words contained on its pages and more about the very existence of the writer.  That this writer is giving me something that is otherwise missing in my life. Adding their book to my shelves somehow adds their light, their perspective, their energy to my day to day.

I first felt this way when I read Mary Pipher’s The Middle of Everywhere. I had just gotten a full-time job as an ESL Teacher at a well-respected refugee resettlement agency in Chicago. I had dreamed of teaching in […]

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