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Kitchen Table Wisdom Audiobook

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Kitchen Table Wisdom

Read by the Author

Remember what it was like to listen to stories when you were young? Listen to one of her stories from this New York Times bestselling book and Remember. You will be captivated by these endearing stories read by Rachel herself for the first time.

Listen to a Sample: The Long Way Home from Chapter IV. Freedom

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Running Time: 10 hrs. 40 min.

Copyright: 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9888412-0-8

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My Grandfather's Blessings Audiobook

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My Grandfather’s Blessings:

  Stories of Strength, Refuge, and Healing   Read by the Author   Listen as Rachel tells stories from My Grandfather’s Blessings, a national bestselling book. It is a book of wisdom, the wisdom of Rachel’s grandfather, an orthodox rabbi and student of Kaballah and Rachel’s own wisdom as a compassionate physician and a survivor of lifelong chronic illness.  

Listen to a Sample: Owning from Chapter I. Receiving Your Blessings



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Running Time: 12 hrs. 33 min.

Copyright: 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9888412-1-5

Format: MP3


Picture of Rachel Naomi RemenRather than having a professional reader read my books for you, I wanted to read to you myself. So, these audio books may not be word for word the same as the books you are holding in your hands. If you happen to be reading as you listen, you will find places where a word is missing, or that an “in” has transformed itself into an “at”. When a professional reads to you, every word is perfect. These readings are beyond perfect. These readings are directly from my heart. Hearing a story is very different than reading a story. Even if you have read a book, listening to someone read it to you may make the stories change and allow them to touch you in new ways. This is especially true if the person reading to you has lived through the stories they are reading and so the stories are not only true, they are real. I love reading stories to people. I remember the first time I read a story aloud to a group of adults. It was in a bookstore and after I read for a while, I looked up and found that everyone had their “child faces” on, shiny eyed and open hearted. Reading a story out loud has the power to do that. I hope that hearing these stories will make them come as alive for you as they are for me and will let you put your own fingerprints on them, right next to mine…



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