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The Life Force (excerpt): Thinking Allowed TV w/ Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove

General Articles, Forewords & Chapters

Following are articles and chapters that Rachel has authored (in books by other authors).

Remen, Rachel. Ch.15. Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart. Edited By Nina Simons. Park Street Press, 2010. 124-132.
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Remen, Rachel. “Humanistic Medicine: What is Health?”  The New Physician (1977)

Medical Education Articles

Research Articles About the Healer’s Art Course (founded by Dr. Remen)

Rabow MW, Newman M, Remen RN. “What Faculty Learn: The Impact on Faculty Facilitators of Teaching “The Healer’s Art.” Teach Learn Med. In Press.
Rabow M, Evans C, Remen R.  “Professional Formation and Deformation: Repression of Personal Values and Qualities in Medical Education”  Family Medicine (January 2013)
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Other Educational Articles

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AAHPM Bulletin Fall 2007
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Western Journal of Medicine (2001)  West J Med 2001;175:353-354

Spiritual Articles

Remen, Rachel. “Medicine as a Spiritual Path” From Religion and Ethics Newsweekly Interview, 2005
Rachel, Remen. “On Defining Spirit” Noetic Sciences Review (1998)
Remen, Rachel. “Tending the Spirit in Cancer” Integrative Oncology (2009)
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Books by Dr. Remen

My Grandfather’s Blessings, New York: Riverhead Books, 2000

Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal, New York: Riverhead Books,

Foreign language editions of Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal:

– (Title in Hebrew), Israel: Modan Publishing Ltd., 1998

– (Title in Japanese), Japan: Fujin-No-Tomo-Sha, 1998

– (Title in Swedish), Sweden: Svenska, 1998

– (Title in Chinese), China: Soho Publishing, 1997

– (Title in Korean), Korea: Korea Economic, 1997

– Historias Que Curam: Conuersas sabias as pe do fogas, Brasil:
Agora, 1997

– Sabiduria de Sobremesa, South America: Norma, 1997

– Dem Leben Trauen: Geschechten, die guttan, Verlag, Germany:
Karl Blessing, 1996

– Hoop Doet Leven: lessen die pijn en lijden genezen, Netherlands:
Anbruna Uitgevers, 1996

– Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal, Australia, New Zealand,
UK: PanMacMillan

Tradecraft of the Commonweal Cancer Heal Program, (ed.), Bolinas,
CA: Institute for the Study of Health and Illness, 1995

Wounded Healers: A book of poems by people who have had cancer and
those who love and care for them,
(ed.) Bolinas, CA: Wounded Healer
Press, 1994

Patiense Humanese, Sao Paulo, Brazil: Summas Editorial LTDA, 1993

O Paciente Como Ser Humano, Sao Paulo, Brazil: Summas Editorial
LTDA, 1992

De Kracht Van de Patient, Haarlem, Netherlands: Uitgeverij de
Toorts, 1983

The Human Patient, New York: Anchor/Doubleday & Co, 1980

Ik ben meer dan mijn ziekte:1/Het mannelijke in vrouwelijke in de
humanistische gezondheidszorg,
with Blau, A. and Hively, R., Haarlem,
Netherlands: Uitgeverij de Toorts, 1976

The Masculine Principle, The Feminine Principle and Humanistic Medicine,
San Francisco, CA: The Institute for the Study of Humanistic Medicine Press,


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Chapters by Dr. Remen

"As a Physician…," in Stories of the Spirit, Stories of
the Heart,
Feldman, C and Kornfield, J. (eds.), San Francisco, CA: Harpers,

"Beyond Physical Well-Being: The New Health Perspective," in
The Complete Guide to Your Emotions and Your Health, Padus, E. (ed.),
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in het groeimodel," in De total mens als middelpunt van de gezondheidszorg,
Haarlem, Netherlands: Uitgeverij de Toorts, 1976

"Imagery and the Search for Healing," in Psychosynthesis
in the Helping Professions,
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Canada: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 1984

"Integrating Spiritual Healing into Nursing and Medicine,"
in Spiritual Dimensions of Healing, Krippner, S and Welch, P (eds.),
New York: Irvington Publishers, 1992

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"Theory Process and Practice," in Readings in Psychosynthesis,
Weiser, J and Yeomans, T. (eds.), Ontario, Canada: Ontario Institute for
Studies in Education, 1986

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Forewards by Dr. Remen

Meditations on Diabetes, Feste, C., American Diabetes Association,

Poetry as Medicine, Fox, J., New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher, 1997

Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water, Seaward, B. L., Health Communications,


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Articles by Dr. Remen

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Articles about / Interviews with Dr. Remen

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(Mar 27, 2000)

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"Repairing the World by ‘Blessing Life’," Bridges – Jewish
Community Federation Newsletter,
p.1 (Sept 2000)

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